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Day In A Sentence

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I like this idea, one which I may have to use on occasion when I am feeling underwhelmed by the idea of daily blogging, like now, with sleep-deprivation nipping away. My poor heels.

I found Pedals & Pencils through Hippie Cahier, who reminded her readers today to check out Alicia’s post on “Day in a Sentence.” Though I had read it earlier this week, I had got so carried away by the video in the post, I quite forgot the assignment until Hippie nudged a reminder and I read Alicia’s blog again today:

So here’s the task for this week’s Day In A Sentence: write a sentence about the beauty you love and how you manifested that today.

Indeed! Well, alright.

I dig in the dirt of my soul, of my garden, the black half moons beneath my fingernails reminding: hard work purifies spirit & body; and my tears became the rain for the seed of hope I planted today.

6/359: PostADay


Written by cr8df8

January 6, 2011 at 11:37 pm