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A Post A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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PostADay image courtesy of Chris Holbrow

I found this challenge on the WordPress site as I was trying to figure out my blog settings. I couldn’t, of course, find what I needed but instead I found another project in which to bury myself. I considered sloughing it off and irritating myself some more with trying to find the elusive setting I wanted. But I reconsidered when I realized I was worrying about the settings for a blog that I’ve not really made a point of executing. Furthermore, the anonymity of it is as complete as I know how to make it, so I’m not telling anyone I know to read it. So why bother putzing around with the settings?

::insert heaving of sigh here::

So I bit the bullet and decided to commit to PostADay. And besides, the end of one year and the beginning of the next is always so significant and full of promise. At least for me. Well, at least I tell myself that. But I really do become all quivery with this excited sort of expectation that anything is possible.

I keep saying I write. But I don’t. How can you tell people you do something you don’t actually do? So it’s time to actually commit, in public. Admittedly my public is nonexistent, but I am the eternal optimist! I am also feeling a touch nostalgic tonight. All of these scraps of memories flitting about. So why not pound them out on a keyboard?

Heretofore, I do proclaim that I shall write daily on this blog for the entirety of 2011.

There. I said it.




*(PostADay image courtesy of Chris at HolbrowBlog, who makes all the header images on HolbrowBlog. Thank you, Chris, for offering the use of such a stellar title image!)


Written by cr8df8

December 31, 2010 at 10:17 pm

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